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An increasing need, an appropriate response

Today's competitive market requires companies to make skilful use of the Internet, social networks and now artificial intelligence for their digital marketing strategies. But these means are counterproductive if the company does not have a strong and modern brand identity and a clear brand strategy.


Etienne Benoit Communication is your close et reliable partner to meet these challenges.


of consumers


of consumers


in revenue

will spend more on a brand they trust.


for brands with a consistent presentation across all channels (value, image & communication)


authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.


Your target, the heart of your branding

The concept of branding is to develop a long-term personality in the mind of your target audience that is unique to your brand. This persona is created by defining its values, its logo and its graphic charter. This is called brand identity. This identity must then be communicated and expressed in a coherent, authentic and transparent way so that customers identify with it, like it, trust it and remain loyal to it. The brand designer must therefore understand this target and the type of interaction it has/will have with this brand. As you can see, branding is more than a purely quantitative vision, it is essentially strategic (qualitative). It allows us to bring a sustainable added value to any product, service or company by placing ourselves on the side of the user or consumer.

A valuable partner

Social Responsability 

Our company is committed to promoting a mix of ages and genders. Furthermore, we wish to use the fruit of our work to support the development of the entrepreneurship.

Creativity & Adaptability

Etienne Benoit Communication carefully selects its employees for their talent to create, innovate and work as a team to meet the needs of your brand and your targets.

Collaboration & Support

Etienne Benoit Communication is close to its clients, establishing a long-lasting professional relationship with them with the idea of a partnership that covers all their corporate communication needs.

Authenticity & Transparency

We want our clients to know where their project is and how the funds they have invested are being used. Similarly, if we feel that the direction you are taking with your brand is unwise, we will let you know.

Employee Recognition

The well-being of our employees and the recognition of their investment in our clients is emphasized and rewarded. Valued employees make satisfied customers.

Excellence & Commitment

Etienne Benoit Communication is committed to the quality of the work provided and uses experts and experienced profiles to deliver the best possible service.

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Head office

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